Praise for the book

A comprehensive guide to job hunting in the 21st Century

  • “With this book Denise has taken the heartache out of job search, giving a structured and organised plan to follow.  It provides the most up to date techniques using a multimedia approach in a plain speaking easy to follow style.  Along with its supporting material and website, this book will turn anyone feeling lost and rejected into a confident and successful job candidate.”  Ann Starkie, Director of AS CAREERS
  • “A highly readable book which provides a structured approach to job seeking and teaches you how to package yourself correctly for the job you want. With fresh ideas and excellent use of technology this book is a must for anyone looking to stand out and succeed.” Richard Lane
  • “A must read for all jobo-holic professionals to keep up with changing times!!” Mital Kinderkhedia
  • “Denise clearly articulates the challenges associated with job seeking in this difficult economic climate, and provides clear, practical advice for overcoming them.  I'd certainly recommend this book to anyone currently looking for a new job.” Richard Browning
  • “Armed with How to Get a Job in a Recession, it feels like I've got a career coach permanently by my side, step-by-step through the job search process.” David Hebblethwaite


It has always been the case that knowing how to find and secure the right position is a crucial skill. However, given the current economic climate and that which is likely to be with us for a few years yet, such skills need to be honed to a fine art. When Denise asked me to write a foreword for the second edition of her highly successful book I was delighted to do so.  In this edition, she has taken what’s good and made it even better ensuring the reader is helped every step of the way.

Although the current situation may make the process a little more challenging, what Denise has done is to demonstrate that it is possible to beat the recession with careful planning, thought and creative thinking.

The opportunities exist and it is a case of knowing how to find and make the most of such opportunities. There are ways to overcome the difficulties being faced and although no one will say it is easy, this book provides you with all the tools you need to present yourself effectively and well thereby increasing your chances of success.

Not only is Denise Taylor an expert in her field, but she has the knack of presenting the information and skills required to get the most from these challenging times in a logical and accessible format. She makes no assumptions about any pre-existing knowledge an individual may have and takes the reader through all the steps required to successfully deal with the various aspects of the job search process, such as designing a CV to practical interview skills. All the research available suggests that creating and using your personal and professional networks is a key to success and this book helps you tap into these to good effect. In addition, Denise is able to help the reader understand the job market, and brings together up-to-date information and the ways that creative thinking and commitment can get you what you want even in these challenging times.

A practical, down-to-earth, comprehensive and easy to read book that will help many people recognize that in every crisis, there is an opportunity if you only know how to go about finding it.

Gladeana McMahon FAC, FBACP, FIMS, FISMA, FRSA, is Chair of the Association for Coaching UK and Co-Director Centre for Coaching. She is listed as one of the UK’s Top Ten Coaches by the Independent on Sunday and the Sunday Observer and a three time award winning coach.

Praise for the 1st edition

  • “I see you got Paul a job in a little over a week – pity we can’t replicate you. It would save a lot of government excuses about unemployment.” -- Dave Raddings, Assistant Producer ITV
  • “This book provides the weary job seeker with the renewed vigour required to bag that dream job. Denise Taylor provides a step-by-step guide ensuring no stone is left unturned during the job hunt. I would recommend it to anyone who is searching for work during these tough
    economic conditions.” -- Lucie Mitchell, Editor,
  •  “As a very experienced careers counsellor, Denise provides inspiration and structured practical advice for anyone seeking their next career move. An expert in her field, she not only provides the exercises for people to be able to assess who they are and what they can offer, but she also covers key practicalities of effective job search. These range from CV and interview technique, to effectively using contacts which is how most new jobs are found. Her tips on the importance of studying and understanding the job market and selecting the right sectors and organizations to target is particularly useful, especially in recessionary times. This is a great up to date book for job seekers at all levels, and also for those advising them.” -- Tony Charles, ccareer counsellor, writer and broadcaster and owns Wales’ leading career management consultancy, Tony Charles Associates Limited
  • “Being up to date, this book is the closest signpost I’ve seen so far to assist current jobseekers in finding their way through the recession turmoil of 2009. Spelling out job search processes step by step, Denise Taylor doesn’t fall into the trap of making assumptions about prior knowledge on the part of the reader; this is a warts-and-all guide to finding a job. It is essentially a workbook – designed to encourage the serious job seeker to lift his or her head above the parapet and face reality. It needs time, energy and commitment, and for those serious about applying themselves to find work, it could be the only guide they will need.” -- Claire Coldwell, Career Coach, Ad astra Career Management Limited and author of Take Charge! - focused and inspirational advice for career Changers
  • “There are lots of job search books about and in the current economic climate you can expect many more to appear in the near future. What makes Denise Taylor’s “How to Get a Job in a Recession” stand out from the crowd is that it is so easy to use. Written in a chatty, friendly style,
    it eases the reader painlessly into the business of finding work in a way that makes it seem fun instead of daunting. The author’s experience of helping job seekers shows in the case studies she draws on for examples and the realistic, practical advice she gives.” -- Simon Levack, Author of the Aztec Mysteries and former Lawyer 
  • Denise’s advice is all about staying positive and focused. That’s the secret to success in all areas of business – whether you’re in a job or forced to look for a new one. That’s what we help our clients do – you can too, with the help of this book.” -- Steve Hinton, Executive
    Chairman, QED Consulting
  • “What Denise Taylor proposes is based on practical experience and her advice works just like she promises it will. Anyone can follow her advice and, by following it, can optimise their career potential going forward. At Career Consultants, we continually refer to Denise Taylor’s guidance to ensure we are providing our clients with the best and most comprehensive career advice available.” Keith O’Malley, Career Consultants, Dublin
  • “Anyone who’s been job hunting for a couple months will feel completely overwhelmed by the whole process. All of a sudden you’re at home, facing a computer with little or no guidance about what to do first. Most books seem to be telling people the same basic things. This is the first guide I have read that takes you step by step through exactly what you need to do in order to find that all elusive job. Also, it gives you realistic views and figures regarding what is going on in the job searching world, including the amount of time and effort that you need to put in. It really is simple to follow and will make you much more focused and optimistic. Well done Denise! A valuable guide to those looking for a brighter future.” -- Wayne Parrott, Partnership Director, Royal Mail
  •  “I have been job hunting for a couple months and felt completely overwhelmed by the whole process. All of a sudden I was at home, facing my computer with not much guidance about what to do first. Most books that I got seemed to be telling the same basic things. This is the first guide that takes you step by step to exactly what you need to do in order to help you find a job. Also, it gives you realistic views and figures regarding what is going on in the job searching world, including the amount of time and effort that you need to put in. It is really simple to read and has made me so much more focused now and optimistic. Thanks Denise!” -- Tatyana, PhD Graduate/ Chemist
  • “Despite the economic downturn, the good news is that organisations will always need good people - like you. Whether your interest is getting back into the workplace or navigating a change of career direction, “How to Get a Job in a Recession” is especially timely. Denises’s approach is refreshingly realistic, comprehensive and practical. By following this structured and user-friendly book, Denise will  guide you through a job search campaign ensuring you stand out...for all the right reasons!” -- Pauline Drissell, Independent Career Coach
  • “This book is essential reading for anyone job hunting in our present economic climate. It covers every aspect of getting the right job for you in a clear cut, practical, motivational way. Denise’s expertise just shines through.” -- Carol Crowther EFT Advanced Practitioner and Trainer
  • “Denise is an amazing career coach who has transformed my career and can transform your career. She has put down all her knowledge and experience in this very practical book.” -- Des, Director of a Blue Chip Company
  •  “I was inspired just by the introduction to this book. Denise is truly providing a service in what is a desperate affair in the job market. Much of what I have read I am applying in my daily life. I agree that redundancy does not mean it’s all over, and volunteering is an opportunity, which, providing you have some spare time, (short term) has immense benefits where you can introduce yourself into the environment that you are interested in, also, you learn new skills, and the possibility of job opportunities. Thank you Denise for all your help and encouragement, and writing a book has also encouraged me to pursue my dreams in writing children books.” -- Pauline Peace, Career Changer
  • “An inspiring, direct and simple book that covers every area of applying for the right job for you at the right time. It makes you feel that you are not the only person in your situation and that your goals can be achieved with the right approach and determination. Thank you Denise.”
    -- Jessica Parsons, National Test Services
  • “Working in a challenging, fast paced environment I was in need of some guidance, to have confidence in my own style, values and strengths, particularly when working with my executive team colleagues. Using the techniques outlined in this book Denise helped me to understand and apply my strengths, to be confident in my own abilities to deal with those challenges. If you are able to understand all this, plus know what it is you love, are good at and how to apply yourself, the rest is up to you, Denise helped me to get there and her book can help you.” -- Sue Groom, Services Director for a large social landlord.
  • “During a time of economic turmoil the need for professional advice and support in getting a job has never been greater. This book gives you practical support to help you maximise your potential, from an award winning career coach. Denise is a valued member of the Institute
    of Career Guidance and a regular contributor to our events and publications.” -- Paul Hebron, Institute of Career Guidance
  • “Denise’s knowledge and experience has been amazing and an enormous help. This book is a must-read for anyone wanting a new job, whether it to be in a new career or the next rung on the ladder.” -- Jose, Health Trainer
  • “Denise provides a step-by-step guide to help in your job search and with a career direction, her depth of experience means this book is invaluable to anyone on a job hunt, it’s packed full of great advice and helps you to focus on what you should be doing.” -- David Aldrich, Team Leader, SELEX Communications
  • “This is the survival guide of the year. With the economic situation declining and more redundancies reported in the news, looking for a job is becoming harder and more competitive. This book is a fantastic and practical step by step guide to be able to stand out from the crowd. Helping you to improve your job search, CV and covering letter; making a painstaking search job much more bearable and successful! Good luck.” -- Emily Spicer, Graduate
  • “The advice in this book has helped me to prepare and really focus on interviewer’s questions. You really know what makes a difference in the world of recruitment and selection. You truly are an Amazing Person.” -- Debbie, Chief Executive, Charity
  • “This book is a toolkit containing every possible careers tool for every opportunity, but, just as importantly, it will also get you thinking about what kind of career you want to build and why. It is like having your own personal careers consultant.” -- Alison Rostron, public sector manager
  • “After months of applying unsuccessfully for jobs which were similar to my current role, I realised I needed to figure out what I wanted to do. After working with Denise, I realised I was applying for the wrong jobs! Using my networks and working through the questions in the book, I found the job I was best suited for and applied for it. The CV, covering letter and interviews tips were invaluable, and I’m now looking forward to starting my new job. Thanks Denise!” -- Alison Chappell, senior manager, charity
  • “A logical and thorough approach are combined with Denise’s warmth and encouraging advice to create a book that will be invaluable in any job search. All aspects of a job search are thoroughly discussed with invaluable tips and advice from Denise along the way.” -- Kay, Finance Manager, large plc
  • “Denise is energetic and engaging in person... and her style comes across in this book. Listen carefully to her advice - it worked for me!” -- Lindsay Travis, Sustanability Analyst
  • “What do you choose? Doom, gloom and submission to the situation of a recession or positive action to get the job of your dreams? If you choose the latter then Denise’s book will give you a step by step guide of what you need to do to get to where you want to be in the world of work no matter what the financial situation is in the world!” -- Irene Cowling, Life Coach and Trainer
  • “Denise’s advice is always geared around you, so you always feel that you are getting a tailored view on the right job for you and for the right reasons. She brings her years and breadth of experience in careers coaching and analysis to bear on your problem, which soon seems much less intimidating than when you made that first call. Putting you at your ease, she allows you to be honest with yourself, whilst always aiming for that next step. One thing is for sure - you will always get excellent advice from Denise.” -- Ben Eckersley, Contract Performance Manager, NHS